Ok! I had to post and show this awesome picture that CKwan the Avalonknight from the VAC made for me. He is also the creator of That's Totally BS! Series.
He drew me in his Totally BS style. X3 It's so cute!

The watermelons are from a thread I made over the summer on the VAC. I drew chibified versions of VAC members with a chibified version of me sharing watermelon. I was drawing two everyday until my tablet went kaput and died. Now the watermelons are on hold until my tablet gets fixed or replaced.

Awesome Image and Happy Early Chinese New Year!

Happy Inauguration Day

2009-01-20 13:36:56 by Maria-Wolfwings

Today is a snow day and inauguration day. <3 Plus something really good happened today, making this a super wonderful day!
Also, Happy New Year!

No projects out yet. I will update when they do come out. I just really wanted to make a post in the New Year.

Happy Halloween everyone! Er... Dang it, that was yesterday.
Happy Belated Halloween! =D
I hope you all had fun trick or treating, going to parties, or at least dressing up!
I dressed up as "Dead Tired" ohohohahahaa. ^_~

Anyway...Totally BS! Girl Gamers is out now. ^_^ I'm the voice of Maria. Asulan. Go watch it. It has a skunk and everything! haha

Another Project Out

2008-10-14 18:35:45 by Maria-Wolfwings

Hey Guys. Resident Evil S.A.R.S part3 is out now. I am the voice of Sherry and the PA.

A couple of weeks ago, I attended AWA. It was a lot of fun and I got to meet some VAC pals. I loved the panels. The voice acting ones were great and very useful.

Sorry this is so short, but my fall break ends today so I have to do some homework. ^_~

Another Project Out

School is back and so am I. haha. I wish I could say corny opening lines like that all the time without annoying people...
John and Joe Episode 5 is out now.
Watch it Here
Once again I play the voice of Marie.
I would have posted this sooner, but I moved into a house with a cable connection for the internet, which I've never had before. So it took a lot of effort and frustration to finally get it going. I got it working yesterday. =)

There are more projects coming out soon(at least that's what the creators are saying)
I'll post them up when they are released.

Hey all. I figured I should post since I had my overwhelmingly stressful one before school let out. Summer is going well and I've been voicing in some really fun projects. It might be a while before you get to see any of them, but I'll update this when they do come out. I have been doing some projects that aren't on newgrounds so you can check my VA site to see those.

I went to Animazement this year and it was Awesome! I will be going back next year. :) I got to meet some really great professional voice actors.

I finally got around to finishing my VA demo reel after some motivation from Arieo. ^_^ I'll upload that to newgrounds in a bit.

Summer and Upcoming Projects

Just making a post to say that Katar 2 is out now. :) Very awesome.
I am the voice of Hahare.
Very nice Pampam.

Watch it here: Katar 2

And in other news, I am going to die. I just have three more weeks in the semester, but I have a painting series due, a printmaking series due, humanities research paper, humanities presentation, two art History papers and final test to study for, and master class for voice. Oh and I have Applied Voice Jury coming up. gag. Three weeks? Can I do all of that? Oh and if you don't know what the jury is, it's basically where you stand in front of all of the music department professors and choose one of the songs I had to learn for this semester and sing it on stage. They also pick one of my pieces. And they judge me and give me my grade based on my performance, attendance to weekly performances, and concert attendance.
Ok. It's a lot. I can do it.... yes...

Katar Release and Crazy Amounts of Work

Recent Project

2008-03-12 14:18:32 by Maria-Wolfwings

Well, it's a new year and bronchitis took me out of voice work for a month. Boo. But I'm back now doing auditions and some of the projects I did before I got sick are coming out now, so that's exciting and motivational. :)
The latest project is out now "John and Joe 3." I play Marie.
Click here to see it... John and Joe 3

End of the Semester and Voice Work

2007-12-02 10:50:48 by Maria-Wolfwings

I've been busy lately, it being the end of a never ending semester that is now coming to an end. I'm an art major going for my BFA, so I have work sprouting out my ears.
I also joined the wonderful VAC and have been doing some voice work for some animators out there. When the final projects are posted, I will link to them. I also recently joined the VAA.

If you would like for me to do any voice work for you, just message me on here. I work for free since this is a fun thing for me.

Editied: 12-7-07
The Life of Tween is up. I had a small role in it as Tom's mom.
413821">Life of Tween

Edited: 12-24-07
Sonic's X-Mas Special 3 is up. I am the voice of Cream.
Sonic's X-Mas Special 3