Entry #1

End of the Semester and Voice Work

2007-12-02 10:50:48 by Maria-Wolfwings

I've been busy lately, it being the end of a never ending semester that is now coming to an end. I'm an art major going for my BFA, so I have work sprouting out my ears.
I also joined the wonderful VAC and have been doing some voice work for some animators out there. When the final projects are posted, I will link to them. I also recently joined the VAA.

If you would like for me to do any voice work for you, just message me on here. I work for free since this is a fun thing for me.

Editied: 12-7-07
The Life of Tween is up. I had a small role in it as Tom's mom.
413821">Life of Tween

Edited: 12-24-07
Sonic's X-Mas Special 3 is up. I am the voice of Cream.
Sonic's X-Mas Special 3


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