Entry #9

Awesome Image and Happy Early Chinese New Year!

2009-01-23 14:36:46 by Maria-Wolfwings

Ok! I had to post and show this awesome picture that CKwan the Avalonknight from the VAC made for me. He is also the creator of That's Totally BS! Series.
He drew me in his Totally BS style. X3 It's so cute!

The watermelons are from a thread I made over the summer on the VAC. I drew chibified versions of VAC members with a chibified version of me sharing watermelon. I was drawing two everyday until my tablet went kaput and died. Now the watermelons are on hold until my tablet gets fixed or replaced.

Awesome Image and Happy Early Chinese New Year!


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2011-02-19 20:45:30

I remeber Total BS Lucky Star. Best Lucky Star stuff on Newgrounds. I think I check out the rest. Thnx :3