Happy Halloween.. Belated

2008-11-01 11:51:00 by Maria-Wolfwings

Happy Halloween everyone! Er... Dang it, that was yesterday.
Happy Belated Halloween! =D
I hope you all had fun trick or treating, going to parties, or at least dressing up!
I dressed up as "Dead Tired" ohohohahahaa. ^_~

Anyway...Totally BS! Girl Gamers is out now. ^_^ I'm the voice of Maria. Asulan. Go watch it. It has a skunk and everything! haha


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2008-11-07 05:29:58

Yeah i had some fun...because when you are dressed as Batman, tons of Joker wannabes attack you for some very weird reason 0_o

anyways, hay haloween to you as well :)