Katar Release and Crazy Amounts of Work

2008-04-16 16:46:45 by Maria-Wolfwings

Just making a post to say that Katar 2 is out now. :) Very awesome.
I am the voice of Hahare.
Very nice Pampam.

Watch it here: Katar 2

And in other news, I am going to die. I just have three more weeks in the semester, but I have a painting series due, a printmaking series due, humanities research paper, humanities presentation, two art History papers and final test to study for, and master class for voice. Oh and I have Applied Voice Jury coming up. gag. Three weeks? Can I do all of that? Oh and if you don't know what the jury is, it's basically where you stand in front of all of the music department professors and choose one of the songs I had to learn for this semester and sing it on stage. They also pick one of my pieces. And they judge me and give me my grade based on my performance, attendance to weekly performances, and concert attendance.
Ok. It's a lot. I can do it.... yes...

Katar Release and Crazy Amounts of Work


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2008-05-21 20:02:51

I bet you'll do it.

Maria-Wolfwings responds:

Aw thanks. It's true I did make it. I just haven't updated my entry saying I'm alive.